I am President Evil

نویسنده : President Evil - ساعت ۳:۱٦ ‎ق.ظ روز ٧ آبان ۱۳۸٧

The Y Junction!


In more general terms, some call it a 3-way junction, some don’t, but naming here doesn’t count as much. Eye call it a Y junction, a road which leads to two wings of usually identical sizes. The funny part is that the road that takes you there is supposedly equal to the diverging ones. All down to and through-out my life, I’ve come to the Y junction and not to terms with it. It gives me an impression of deterministic duality; you take one or the other and the theory says it’s all the same, equal. Theoretically, of course! That’s the shitty part! Yeah, on paper, in your head, in your dry and/or wet dreams… The result? Dumb and doom! Now here rises from the dead my issue of concern: A Why Junction! Too mee, it’s a place for a sort of personal inquisition or walking cross-examination: to ask and answer why I’m there in the first place and what I’m gonna do in the second: to take the downtrodden or the untrodden!