Hacking a Software is not simple all the time!

The most powerful computer in all times is us! We have not only the hardware but also the best compatible software installed in our brain. However, there goes a question: Did we enter the Serial Number? Who has given us this treasure? In what ways are we supposed to run this computer; a system faster than a wink?

Hold a second! We never paid for this priceless composition. Therefore a more vital question here: Is there any Expiry Date? Can we use this computer everlastingly by hacking its software? Who is our brave warrior to stop this countdown? Who considers this unequal mêlée?

A trivial point is breathing here: Youare the only person to be blamed for the activation of the Virus including the software. ”If you start out late, the Bad Sectors destroy your software,” said a computer engineer. He added: "I should make a journey now. If you encounter any possible problem regarding your software, consult its Booklet.”

Costumers evaded, “we are too busy to read its instruction booklet. What should we do, then?” They heard:”Don’t put yourself in trouble. Confer with my pupils. The new users answered: "Sure we will” But within the passage of time as they worked with their computers, they forgot those directions. Viruses infected them while they were playing GTA II. (1)

You undoubtedly remember the Serial Number mentioned at the beginning of this drama. No courageous hacker could ever break the lock of this unregistered software. It was of no use! Eventually, that Expiry Date came and the software automatically uninstalled. Consequently, our poor customers recognized their computer, its Serial Number, its Expiry Date, noticing its Bad Sectors.

All of a sudden they remembered the kind engineer’s directions, "If you start out late, the Bad Sectors destroy your software.” But it was too late. Everything was over. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Question: Who is at fault? The engineer; the booklet or probably the careless customers? Who knows? Who cares?



1. The name of a video game full of crime e.g. murder, robbery etc.

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سلام رئيس جمهور شيطون... آقا اولا ممنون بهم سر زدی... دوما چندتا نوشته آخرتو نخونده بودم خيلی جالب بود. دير سر زدن منم بذار به حساب بی معرفتی و مشغله کاری... هميشه موفق باشی :X


سلام وبلاگ خوب و مفیدی داری. مطالبتون رو حتما آفلاین خواهم خواند. به من هم سر بزنی خوشحال میشم.


سلام .. باز هم مثل هميشه من تنبل کلی عقب افتادم ... و بازم ميخوام بگم که شرمندم ... اميدوارم که خوش و سلامت باشی !


salam agha khoobi?man chera enghadr dir residam 24 aban up kardin man alan residam


bebakhshid age man nesfe nesfe mifrestam mitarsam dobare dc besham


rastesh bebakhshid dir oomadam va hanooz matno nakhoondam bayad tarjome konam hatman mikhoonamo nazar midam movazebe khodetoon bashin rasti mage mishe kasi shomaro faramoosh kone?hmm


سلام آقاي رييس جمهور عزيزم كامنتت خيلي دو پهلو بود نمي دونم منظورت من بودم يا ... راستي ديگه تو وبلاگ ourfuture نمي نويسم و آدرس وبلاگ جديدم بالا هست .دوست عزيز خوشحال ميشم اگر در مورد كامنتت كاملتر براي من توضيح بدي كه واقعا بدونم چرا از دست من ناراحت هستي


سلام ... نيستی ! من حال و حوصله ندارم شما چرا ؟