UNdergraduate Lie-f

Undergraduate life is full of different cute moments! It could be about many things, about being reckless, taking every chance to prove everybody wrong if they ever doubt your courage and logic. You think that you are simply capable of or entitled to picking up fights with authorities, in and outside the university. In fact, you suppose that entering university has given you the privilege to speak your own ideas no matter how green they might seem to a senior of yours. It might be about you getting a student card which means a damn lot to you! It is your identity! You are requested to wear it or at least have it with you and it is such a pleasure to show it in the hope of receiving some extra respect, something that normally does not happen!

During undergraduate life, you start to have pet peeves, you know, some minor nuisances which hassle you for some time and you really want to exaggerate their presence. For example, you do want to fell that lecturer who presumably gives you bad marks. You cannot bear the thought of seeing yourself a tad lower than others, your too many friends! Yes, you come to know a lot of fellow students around as if this will last for good! It amuses you to salute them standing or sitting on every corner and alcove everyday on your way to the class. Wow, you are a celebrity! You even imagine how many of them you are going to invite to your upcoming wedding party! Oh, did I forget to say how easily you fall in love? Your monster crush on that angel you first saw down the corridor haunts you day and night and pushes your little heart inward and outward just to know if she feels the same. Granted: she does not! Besides, most of your friends usually question your sense of beauty and say that your darling is just OK! You get a no in no time and it is time you fell out of love, hated the whole idea, and lit a cheap cigarette in order to improve your self-esteem! You keep telling yourself how unimportant she is to you and how quickly you are leaving her behind! It clearly never works since that is a lie! It is all so complicated and you know that.

This period is full of pointless, boring, examinations in depressing, spacious exam halls with panda-like invigilators whom you think are good for nothing but being a watchdog in case some sort of cheating is going to happen. Yeah, of course! It is bound to take place as there are many students without a single page of read materials, yet iron-willed to get passing grades at any cost! It is always saddening to see how those who were caught cheating make a scene while being dragged out of the room hollering they were not. For a second you think what if they were telling the truth. You also feel safe that it is them and not you! Aristotle had a point when talking about feeling of purgation in the audience at the end of a tragedy.

Purgation! Big word! Right! Undergraduate life is the time for you to hear big words in their most basic meanings. You find yourself all day long memorizing any buzzword that sounds more unreachable by others and exhibits your learning process. From now on, you will not take your repast with celerity and show that you are temerarious, at times quite a fauntleroy, mauger who essays to be pukka above all! Wow, such an achievement as nobody seems to have understood a word of your thoughtful fancies, the ones you ultimately pour into poems! Overnight, you become a sensitive, philosophic poet who thinks in poetry and writes poetically! You sneak into different circles and feel how impressive it is to be in somebody’s club...

Well, nobody could deny that undergraduate time is really fun and exciting and so you could write about it on and on. However, at the very moment you begin your postgraduate life, everything changes! The next composition will cover some of these changes! Stay connected!

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کجایی دادا... من دارم کارشناسی می گیرم تا لیسانسی برای یه لقمه نون باشه.... هر لحظه به فکر اینکه این زندگی لامصب رو باید سیر نگه داشت...دادا کجایی؟؟ نزار و بزار که بیشتر از این ننویسم.


Mr President! Thank you for very nice point! In my opinion, undergrad students find some freedoms passing the high school that were undergone high pressure to read and read. Now, they spend this freedom with some social activities especially with their new-coming counterparts! Of course, to compensate a big lack excising in preceding stage! Not forgetting foe wasting times as well! The main role, studying and getting knowledge, is going damn!





سلام graduated! خوبی؟ خیلی وقت بود خبری ازت نداشتم. پول ما رو هم با خودش برد!!! حالا چرا اینو انگلیسی نوشتی؟ برای جایی بود؟ یه ورژن فارسیشو واسه ما بی سوادها هم بذار لطفا! [چشمک]


سلام خوبی همکلاس قدیمی؟جالب بود!دیگه نمینویسی؟


wow, what a deep and bitter essay it was, I enjoyed it a lot however I couldn't find out any word of that


سلام. فکر می کردم ادامه داره....


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