Hey ! Look at you man!

Rules, regulations, guidelines… and many other pretty articles are commonly manipulated by those who suppose, except them, all breathing creatures on this planet will be on the spot. Billions of times, they act as if they have hit dirty pay!

Sweetest words are tiny parts of your manerism's flavor! Getting a breath of fresh air seems to be a virtual surrogate of composing priceless plays!

Since the time we endeavor not to shape the diamonds popping out from our minds, we will confuse them with diapers to dry our brain’s leaks!

God power to your elbow! I hope my apology is accepted. I should have comprehended to pick on someone my own size! For I am nothing but a thing in the last of the least of anything I would rather stop being a pain in the neck. But I want to add something more: Look at you!

                   President Evil

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